Leadership Qualities

Leadership qualities are another sphere of leadership which can be explored to further define leadership. A great leader must possess a good number of these qualities and have the discipline to grow and build upon them. Indeed the very nature of leadership is to have people following you because you posses such great leadership depth.

I heard someone say once that you can tell you're a leader when you look behind yourself and see others following. This obviously isn't meant literally as some call that stalking, but when you have a core group of people behind you and looking to you as their leader its a fair indication you're doing pretty great.

Whats important about leadership qualities ?

Your qualities as a leader are your portfolio when looking towards natural progression on the leadership ladder. Of course its not all about progression upwards all the time but the bigger your portfolio the bigger ability you have which is no bad thing.

The list below isn't a complete list of leadership qualities but a few we would suggest are high level qualities. For more perspectives on this have a look at our leadership characteristics and leadership traits sections as they are interrelated.

What are some great leadership qualities which define a true leader ?

This list is not in order of value but an assortment of qualities we've observed and learnt over time. We'd love to hear some leadership qualities from your experience! Use our contact us form to send in some qualities and a brief description of its importance. We may even add them into our list.

  • A sense of humour is vital to any personable leader. It may sound strange to start with this one particularly but if a leader can't laugh and be liked by their team then its only downhill. People who are funny as often accepted and you definately want to be around them instead of someone who is always complaining and complacent. Humour breaks tension in any circumstance and can bring laughter in difficult times. If you're not all that funny its ok, but make sure you have people in your team who have this leadership quality or you could have a lot of disharmony.
  • Assertiveness helps to build understanding and confidence amidst a team. It's not the same thing as aggression or autocratic leadership but it builds black and whiteness. What we mean by that is that team members appreciate frankness and honesty which are built through assertiveness. When your team know you possess this quality they will trust you more as they know that you aren't hiding anything and secondly they'll look to you in crisis as you can bring assertiveness to a situation.
  • Commitment shows that you are prepared to give your energy and time to accomplish your task and lead your team well. Someone who possess this commitment and dedication shows that they will go above and beyond the expectations of their position and more than accomplish their goals. A committed leader makes sure they succeed in a way that shows they have analyzed the various outcomes and chosen the right one through the hard yards.
  • Justice is important in-so-far as people want to be treated fairly and equally. Its so very easy to play favourites or give people difficult tasks for improper reasons. A just leader brings peace and equality to a team, without jumping to conclusions or making irrational judgments. A just leader is someone with tremendous character and this leadership quality is becoming more and more rare.
  • Openness is another one of the rare qualities as it requires the leader to be really secure in their self. It means the leader can be open to their team and be 'real' and raw on occasion so that a team can truly know that they're getting to know who you are as a person. Some people like to treat their teams like a vicious dictator who would never contemplate socialising or being friendly with team members. We would dissuade this behavior as it brings a lot of issues between the leader and the team and destroys the perspective of equality and trust.

We'll be adding to this list in the coming months to fully equip your knowledge of their benefit. To look into further definitions of leadership and leadership qualities click here to return to our leadership defining hub.

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