The Leadership Podcast: Leadership Lime

We are really excited to announce our brand new leadership podcast (The Leadership Lime Podcast) which will be available on ITunes, other Podcast services and on the Website here along with show notes and more goodies.

A leadership podcast is something that's been on our mind for a long time because it provides us with a greater reach and depth to influence leaders. Our blog posts, articles and resources here on the website are certainly beneficial and help a great deal of people and that's fantastic. However, a Podcast will reach everyone on another level with an Audio Podcast show being able to be taken to the gym or listened to on public transport etc, you could even listen to it while surfing the web! There are many possibilities which is really exciting for us and we hope it will be for you too.

What can you expect from the Leadership Lime Podcast?

We have a great vision for how this can be a great benefit to our readers here at leadershiplime and reach beyond into the ITunes and internet world. We aren't cutting any corners with creating this Podcast and we hope to launch it as soon as it's ready, but what exactly will it look like?

  • A radio style program covering relevant and important topics.
  • Answering questions submitted here on the website and elsewhere.
  • Interviews with leading experts in different fields and people who have things of real value to share.
  • Covering various topics on leadership, innovation, management, entrepreneurship to name just a few!
  • A place for announcements on new additions and launches on
  • Encouragement for any of you who might be struggling as leaders right now.
  • Inspiration for all of us who need a pick-me-up and anyone doing a leadership journey.
  • Innovative content to keep you up to date with new ideas and cutting edge leadership techniques.

That hopefully gives you a really good glimpse into what we're hoping to achieve with this Podcast. If you have any specific topics or questions that you'd like to be featured on the show then please use our contact form to submit them to me. I can't guarantee to cover absolutely all questions submitted but I would certainly like to keep a regular part of the show devoted to answering some questions which will hopefully help you.

We'll be posting the audios and session notes on this page of the website to keep a regular log of recent podcasts and a library of all our podcasting episodes. If you want to bookmark this page on your web browser that would be a good idea, otherwise subscribe to our RSS feed to get the notification of a new episode coming up.

We really hope that you're (almost) as excited as us for starting this new adventure. As I mentioned above we have great content on our site which will compliment our leadership podcast so why not have a browse through that in anticipation for the launch coming soon!

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