Leadership Movies

Leadership movies can convey principles which simple information will never get close to. I'm a really visual person so when I watch a movie which has morals and systems of characteristics I'm far more likely to pick them up.

I took a class in college which was entirely made up of watching clips from a singular movie and discussing the issues and solutions. You may be reading this and think that's ridiculous, however I must admit I learnt more from that class than I did from singularly information based leadership classes. Why is this? creativity rules leadership, we are no longer academics who read copious amounts of literature to theorize systems and solutions to intrinsic and extrinsic problems. Instead experience it and engage with others to learn through groups discussion, mixed media, the arts and case studies.

Curious? I hope so! Read below a few movies which we'll look at and investigate the leadership lessons we can learn. I recommend watching every movies listed below once (for the fun of it) and a second time and follow the points we make about scenarios and scenes to see this movie in a new light!

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Although the principles reach across all the areas of influencing we will group certain movies which are geared towards different areas. For instance:




Coaching and Mentoring

These are some of our main categories and levels of leadership. There are more to come but these movies will fit nicely into these categories and help to model the characteristics which we outline in these sections.

Leadership Movie and Categories

- The Avengers

Category: - Personal, Team Leadership.

Key Themes: - Team dynamics, team development and teamwork.

- Coach Carter

Category: - Team, Coaching.

Key Themes: - Team Development, team dynamics, vision.

- Invincible

Category: - Personal management.

Key Themes: - Personal Development, goal setting, qualities, characteristics.

- Oceans 11,12 and 13

Category: - Personal Development, Team Dynamics.

Key Themes: - Personal Development, empowerment, qualities, characteristics, delegation.

- We Are Marshall

Category: - Team, Personal Leadership.

Key Themes: - Overcoming conflict, transformational leadership, creativity.

- Hardball

Category: - Personal Leadership.

Key Themes: - Personal Development, growth, characteristics.

- Lions For Lambs

Category: - Personal Leadership.

Key Themes:

- Transformative coaching, personal development, vision sculpting.

- We Were Soldiers

Category: - Personal, Team Leadership.

Key Themes:

- Team Development, Military management, Courageous Leadership.

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