The Leadership Movie Invincible

The leadership movie Invincible is in the top 5 of my favourite leadership movies. Although not a stand out in regular movie-watchers collections this movie has some meaty personal leadership material in it. If you don't own it then I would strongly suggest you buy it and give it a watch to follow through on some of the information we'll provide about the leadership movie invincible.


This is the story of a pro-American Footballer Vince Papale (Mark Wahlberg)and his rise from the ashes of a depressing career and life. Papale is a part-time bartender and after being sacked from his teaching job his wife leaves him in a shattered state. The football team he supports the Eagles is also in a pretty dire situation and out of desperation they offer open tryouts for the possibility of a place on the team. Vince gets pressured by his friends to attend the tryout so he does with no expectations. Needless to say he gets a chance to prove himself, however with many highs and lows Papale struggles in his professional and personal life until he finds what he needs in his character to achieve his goals.

Movie Quotes

AC Craney - "People don't want heart dick. They want wins."

Although I don't necessarily agree with this quote as I believe people do want heart from their team and players it's true that when it comes down to it; success is measured by victory.

Carol Vermeil: What was it that you used to say to your kids at Hillsdale High? That character is tested when you're up against it?

Dick Vermeil: Yeah.

[pauses] Dick Vermeil: And that's not the problem here. He's got plenty of character.

Carol Vermeil: Who said I was talking about him?

Often when you're in team leadership you forget the foundations of personal leadership. Your strength comes from the foundations you lay before you enter into advanced leadership.

Vince Papale: Excuse me but my names spelled wrong

Locker room janitor: Nothing personal but by the time I get around to it is it really gonna matter?

People aren't going to always support you or care for your future but that needs to spur you on for personal growth. Don't let people decide your own destiny.

Leadership Movie Invincible Lessons

The Leadership movie Invincible is full of great material and knowledge about personal leadership. Of course there's no point in me explaining everything if you don't watch the movie - buy it and watch it! Leadership is meant to be creative.

1. Persevere through hard times and rise above.

Papale starts out in the depths of despair and difficulty but it doesn't define his future. A great leader once told me that if you just keep turning up then eventually the future you hope for will be there waiting for you.

2. Allow your leadership character to grow.

Your leadership character is whats deeply ingrained inside you. Hard times are opportunity's to develop this and see your ability get greater. All things are open to someone who is willing to fight through hard times to achieve the goals they desire.

3. Don't let others decide your future.

How easy is it for someone to say or do something which destroys your self belief? very easy! But leaders aren't cut from those who are easily taken off course. Be steady and fight through all the voices telling you to quit and give up. You're better than the criticism in your life. Use wisdom to know when to ignore peoples opinions.

The Leadership movie Invincible exhibits great personal qualities which should be re-evaluated in our lives often. Click here to keep up-to-date with our personal leadership Hub.

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