Leadership Destiny Story

Your Leadership Destiny Story probably can't be told right now as you're living it and may not even be close to completion. We all have stories and testimony of the ups and downs of our lives, but the true linear story of leadership in your life will define the legacy you leave behind and the success you'll have in life. I wanted to write this article to encourage you whatever walk of life you're in right now. The truth is that the way you act in your low periods will define the heights of your high periods. Your decisions will build the foundations on the platform you speak from and that is what excites me to help you do this successfully.

"People possess this innate ability to find strength and character at times of a great despair. The true leadership result is that strength and character build the best foundations to grow lives upon. The life of yourself and family, through to the lives of those who you influence and come in contact with. This strength and character will be recognizable to all those who you connect with." - Unknown.

I have to admit at this point that my recent interest in a certain TV show has sparked an interest in this subject. 'Once upon a time' is one of my favourite shows at the moment and although it's no way near explaining the cause of the story it intrigues me greatly. Mostly the dichotomy between their old lives and current lives in Storybrook and the tension between the two keeps me captivated. But the other thought (the more leadership driven one) is that they all have control over their destiny. Of course the evil queen has put this curse on them all, removing all their memories but they're still able to make positive choices and define their leadership destiny story.

Leadership Destiny Story: Leadership Lessons

This isn't meant to be a really deep leadership page but rather a leadership article on your leadership destiny story. Read the points below for some more information and tips on how to get the best results for you.

  • Don't always expect to be at the top of your game and being in great positions of leadership and influence. Often great leaders have to go through periods where they're not leading great masses but taking a different route for a particular reason. In these times you can prepare to get back into your game at a high level but don't despise the seasons of life where you play a small part.
  • Use you story to help others and bring people hope in life. This is one of my favourite reasons to live a good leadership destiny story as you can encourage people going through tough times to keep building the foundations and fighting hard to reach their own destiny.
  • Be courageous and resist weakness throughout this journey. I feel that sometimes the low points of our lives as times that test us to show true character, you either sink or swim to use a phrase. Giving into weakness is easy and just give up but to show courage and work through a challenge or difficult season in life will define you as a great leader.

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