Leadership Definition: Leading the Vision

Leadership definition helps us to outline the attributes of a true visionary leader and what vision actually is. Some of the best leaders in history have been true visionary's and if you want to be taken seriously in a modern context, it's absolutely fundamental. I personally believe that great leaders had both vision and ability to outwork what they saw ahead of them. I'm quite bias to the perspective of hard-working leaders and don't believe that you can just have vision without communicating and working at it. This is simply due to my experience working with people who have great vision but can't workout the other side of things - the hard-end of persistence and ability.

Let's move into a little bit of a case study for working out vision. When you have a vision for something that's great! Usually it's not a simple vision but in this instance we'll take a simple one. Say for instance I have a team of 20 customer service reps who do their jobs well but quite averagely. I want to provide excellence throughout my team, they are the starting point for all enquiries for our business and so I want every employee to be 'excellent' in their work. What does this look like?

To break down the vision means defining what excellence is. I can't tell my team to just be excellent as they wont take it on themselves or will be confused and frustrated. Excellence looks like providing great customer service, being friendly and helpful and making customers feel able to commit further to our business. How will I do this?

I now know what needs to be done but knowing how to practically initiate this is a challenge. Possible solutions would be keep logs of phone calls and customer relationships to monitor how these things are being worked out, organizing training for my team to be better at these things and even providing incentives for customer conversion and reports from customers who have had a positive experience with our team.


That's a basic leadership definition of a case study relating to visionary leadership. Now lets take it deeper and look at the essentials!

Leadership Development Plan: Leading the Vision

At this stage we need to go a bit deeper to understand the theory behind this visionary leadership definition. You, as a leader need to know how to deal with vision and cast it across your team or business.

  • Caught not Taught - When it comes to vision you can explain and teach your teams with great aptitude and consideration but more often than not, vision will be caught from many other factors seperate from the teaching. Vision should lead the culture of your workplace or team and therefore transformation must happen throughout all the aspects of your influencing sphere. What does this look like? Your team will see changes happening in all areas to line up with what your vision is. The catching of the vision comes after the treaching so that the culture can relate back to what's been said.
  • Hold on to it - The easiest way to loose sight of your vision or have others loose sight of it is to let something slide that's against what you want to achieve. For instance, in our case study above if one of my team had gotten angry at a client or been rude, just letting that go or legitimating it would make an exception against the our vision. Don't be afraid to pull yourself up or others if they're not going along with your vision.
  • Integrate - When leading a vision and pushing forward to see it actually happen, you're going to need to pull and integrate all of your other leadership characteristics. You might ask why? This is definitely a good question - the truth is that a lot of strain and pressure will come on your leadership to lead this vision and display all the attributes of someone who others want to be lead by. In a holistic perspective of leading, you need all bases covered and ready to fight for what you want.

Leadership definition is so important whilst adapting these principles. As leaders we need to be able to know the theory behind what's actually happening and what we want to happen. Your brain and passion for leadership will be either what excels you forward or holds you back.

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