Being Leadership Defined

We've already covered what is leadership and other leadership defined subjects elsewhere on this site, but what does it mean to be a total leader?

The truth is that leaders can often obtain and possess some excellent leadership qualities, but usually only a hand full of them and we all miss some other important ones. Being leadership defined means tackling the leadership problem from a holistic perspective. What I mean by this, is that there are an array of leadership qualities that must come together to be stable and whole leaders. The rest of this article will focus on these and explore the importance and value of holistic leading.

Defining a Holistic/Total Leader

We're focusing on the personal/self aspect of the total leader here and therefore we'll be looking at leadership characteristics at the individual level.

Leadership Journey

The leadership processes show us exactly what need to develop for our holistic leading and the results and direct consequences of these processes. The more we develop leadership processes, the more we will see the good results appear throughout our leading. Read through the following list of what it means to be leadership defined and please add your comments below.

Personal Leadership Environment

Creating a really positive and innovative leadership environment around you will be an asset as a leader. When we have engage with the environment around us and create a place of inclusion and creativity, we will engage better with those around us and create strengthened and beneficial relationships with people. You bring your own environment into every relationship and when you focus on creating a dynamic positive environment, you will reap the rewards with better relationships.

Personal Leadership Culture

When we engage with culture around us, whether it be in business situations, organizations or general culture; we grow our influence. The more we choose to be 'outside ourselves' the more we realize that whats inside is vitally important. The culture you create in your life and relationships will either limit or excel the influence you have elsewhere.

Personal Leadership Character

We focus on this one throughout the website more than others for one simple reason, without good leadership characteristics your journey as a leader will be cut sadly short. When you develop personal characteristics your leadership journey will have more hope and longevity. Without good character you will find yourself isolated and very limited - don't do this to yourself.

Personal Leadership Passion

Often the most non-talented leaders will excel further than the most diverse and able leaders due to one attribute; passion. Passion and charisma will carry you further than most talents and abilities for two important reasons. Very few talents will help you overcome extreme hardships and challenges. WIthout passion, abilities will not go towards any sort of helpful growth in your leadership.

We really hope this explanation has been helpful for you. The truth is that my list is only limited by my own experiences and reflections, what do you think should be listed here? Please use the commenting facility below to add your own contribution.

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