Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Leadership Coaching and mentoring are two useful tools in the arsenal of any committed leader. The two are very different and you'll need to know the difference between the two to be able to add them as tools for yourself. Most of us need guidance at times from others who have the necessary abilities to help us move forwards.

Mentoring has really been around for years and years but coaching has developed and split off from mentoring to provide a specific focus-driven development for leaders. Leadership Coaching is specific in that it is more organised and is structured for a shorter period to work on professional topics or issues.

Leadership Coaching

What is it? It's generally worked through a set time-frame which allows meetings which are very structured and organized. It's usually set in a short-term basis for an intense workshop on personal or professional issues. This is helpful as often leaders struggle at points to problem solve or re-program our responses (which can sometimes be destructive) without help from someone else. This is nothing to be ashamed about and is definitely not a weakness as long as you confront and acknowledge the need for help.

There are many people out there and they don't necessarily have specific experience in your role or industry but they still have the skills and knowledge to help you move forward. Usually its not industry-specific but rather generic issues or problems solving techniques which are worked out between the you and the individual one-on-one.. It is very goal-orientated which is helpful for leadership development from leadership coaching.

What is this designed for? Obviously specific development of short term problems. It is useful on a high level of leadership usually executive or prolific leaders. It is generally professional in that you'll hire a coach with specific time and goal orientated expectations. If you're struggling with something which you just can't work past this may be a useful option for you. Leadership coaching is also to do with implementing personal leadership goals.

How to find the Best Coach

Have you ever wondered which characteristics to look for in a potential Coach? It's not easy to find someone who you can trust and who will ultimately help your on the coaching journey. Explore the qualities necessary for the best coach to help you.

Develop the best Leadership Coaching Questions

There are many types of questions out there for all situations. When you're coaching someone, finding the perfect question will help you draw-out the best answer. Add some depth to your leadership ability and learn, try and apply these questions.

What is Life Coaching?

This page helps to define the basics of life coaching. It shows the defining initial attributes of the purpose of life coaching and how it differs from other types of techniques and relationships.

Life Coaching Certification

This page goes through propper ways of certification in this new and exciting field. Life coaches are recognizing that propper accountability and monitoring of standards is vital and therefore new guidelines are being created regularly. If you're interested in being a life coach, this is also a good place to start.

Coaches and coaching websites

This article looks at the particular aspects of what makes credible and beneficial coaching websites. There can be a lot of websites out there which may promise much but not actually provide what they offer. Read through our tips and ideas to really judge well for yourself.

The Possibilities of Life Coaching for Kids

When it comes to kids, life coaching isn't always associated with development and positive change in their lives. There have been exciting results when it comes to positively influencing kids and here we talk about some of they keys to success.

Life Coaching Contracts and Empowerment

These contracts are not mystical or hundreds of pages of legal talk but a carefully negotiated and planned process. Here we focus on life coaching contracts for kids, but the principles can be applied in most areas of coaching.

Leadership Mentoring

What is it? Mentoring is more old-school but possibly more beneficial for all leaders. It is usually on a long-term basis and is performed by someone who has a lot more experience and ability then the men-tee. Usually its done on a more casual basis rather than time-specific formal meetings and the agenda is usually set by the men-tee instead of the mentor. The relationship usually addresses personal issues with a more holistic approach to the mentee. This is a better-overall leadership development but is more of long term success than short term goal achievements.

What is this designed for? This tool is tremendously helpful for any leader in their field of leadership and/or personal development. Having a constant voice of wisdom and good intent in your life helps to push you forward and gives you the release of knowing someone is there to give you direction and help to move forward. Mentoring is essential for any leader to develop their own leadership and have community with someone who has more knowledge and experience to add values to your life.This is vital for any team leader to be successful leaders of others and coaching is useful for team-leaders also.

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