Leadership Coaching Sessions

We are delighted to announce that we have opened up some leadership coaching sessions. This is the first time that we've been able to offer coaching to our brilliant visitors and subscribers to leadershiplime.com.

  • Are you a small business owner looking to build better leadership skills in their lives, build a strong team around them and excel in their business?
  • Are you a leader who just needs someone to keep you accountable and continually encourage and coach you?
  • Are you an entrepreneur who isn't succeeding and needs help with a mindset change?
  • Are you a business owner who needs help building a culture of leadership and personal one-on-one coaching? 
  • Are you wanting to make a major change in your life and need help to work through the process and plan to release you into your dream?

Have you looked at the categories above and feel like you don't really fit into any of them? Hey that's OK! We can help you wherever you are in life with leadership coaching sessions.

What we can offer you in leadership coaching sessions

  • I can coach you through a transformation in your business or leadership life.
  • I can help you build positive environments and diverse culture in your teams.
  • I can help you drive productivity through culture change.
  • I can help you become a pro at confrontation management.
  • I can help with all aspects of personal leadership including ; living a balanced life, self development and self assessment, becoming an expert communicator, building your own productivity and much more.
  • I can help you build a strong team around you and give you keys to becoming a great team leader.

Why leadership coaching sessions are so beneficial

I have had some really positive results from one-on-one coaching sessions and have seen my clients released into their dreams and destiny. I am true believer that we all need people to come alongside us to pull us up and help us grow into the next level of our lives and leadership journey.

  • Leadership coaching sessions help you to move past walls and difficult situations in your life and leadership.
  • Leadership coaching sessions help you to know there is someone here who is available to help you and coach you through various tasks and mindset changes.
  • Leadership coaching sessions enable you to have breakthrough in your thought processes and open doors to new growth in your leadership. 
  • Leadership coaching sessions allow you to have someone to talk to honestly and outside of your own circles and business without judgment. 

There are many other great reasons! We may even write an article about it sometime to show the top 50 reasons why coaching is so beneficial!

How leadership sessions can happen and scheduled

Obviously we're offering these coaching sessions to our online community so the idea of meeting up somewhere might not be plausible in the traditional sense. Although meeting face-to-face is great, you can still get great results from scheduling a meeting to happen via Skype or a related piece of software.

This style of online leadership coaching is exciting and highly convenient as it means you can be at work, at home or anywhere else to do the coaching session itself.

We'll soon have an online calender where you can book into available slots but for now please fill in the form below to show your interest and specify what exactly you're after. We will contact you within 24hours as an initial contact and work out a time which is equally convenient for our schedules.  I have business dealings with people all over the world so I can be reasonably flexible with times.

The price to you and the possible cost of not going ahead

As we are pioneering this new service of Leadership Lime we are starting off with a lower price than the average for leadership coaching to allow for business to grow and getting a good client base. Our initial price list is as follows; (It will only be this low for a short period, so please don't miss out.)

$50.00 USD (United States Dollars) for a 30 minute transforming coaching session.
$75.00 USD (United States Dollars) for a 60 minute extended transforming coaching session.

It's hard to know whether you'll need a string of sessions or whether one or two will help you get the breakthrough you're after, but regular sessions can be grouped and discounted through an agreement.

What is the cost of not going ahead?

Well, we wanted to touch on this question because often we find that clients will not want to spend the money for coaching and we've found this to be a mistake. There's nothing magical about leadership coaching, it's practical and enriching because it helps you to have breakthroughs in your life, your business and your leadership. Something that could cost you a small amount with coaching, could cost you a lot more in the long run of losing business or having further drawbacks in your life. 

You could actually build a business to earn more with paying less for coaching to result in a brilliant ROI (Return On Investment).

You could save yourself a heap of stress, anxiety and misery by investing in some coaching and in the long run this is an enriching experience.

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