Leadership Behavior: Be a Team Player

The Leadership behavior you exhibit will either show you up as a potential leader to move forward or someone who your leader can't wait to remove from the team.

We have found that there are five specific elements which we judge team members by. If they excel at some but fail in others then we know that growth needs to happen and we can mentor them to grow or if they are well rounded and excel then they are great candidates to recommend for future positions.

The five elements below aren't exhaustive but still encompass a great deal of what any manager or leader would judge you by. We believe in holistic leadership development so please read below and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. Work on your weaknesses and keep your strengths strong!

All of these elements will flow together to make you a great team player!

Leadership Development - Team Member

1. Attitude - a bad attitude can be smelt from a long distance away. It comes out when people are tired or in stressful situation. If you find yourself loosing your temper, complaining and winging regularly then definitely work on this. On the other-hand a great attitude makes someone stand out. In difficult circumstances if someone has a joke and is willing to do whatever it takes then they stand out from the crowd.

If you need to work on this - you need to make a conscious decision to hold your tongue, smile and instead of reacting to a difficult situation, breathe and go above and beyond.

2. Communicability - Someone who communicates well is a pleasure to lead. You need honesty as a leader and to see people who are honest and emotionally mature, it's refreshing. Even on a very practical level responding to e-mails, SMS's and phone calls is vital. Sometimes people want their privacy or time which is fair but if you want to excel then you always respond to your leaders and team member.

I had a wonderful team member who had a great attitude, were great at their job and a pleasure to work with but she was shocking when it came to responding to messages and answering her phone. It stopped me from promoting her to a leadership position. This leadership behavior is a necessity for a leadership position.

If you need to work on this then make a practical decision to always respond to your leaders/managers and prioritise when and how you should respond to your team and other people. Communicate your needs to your leader effectively and precisely. Don't dominate the time of your leader or cause them unnecessary stress and work.

3. Be great at your job - this may seem like a basic leadership behavior to exhibit but its lost on some people. I had several people in my team complain that another team member was not doing his job well so I had to investigate. I found that he was lazy and did the very least when it came to accomplishing his job. If you want to get a 'c' or a 'pass' to cruise through your job then do this. If you want to be a great team member then be someone who everyone wants to work with, someone who others commend and someone who always does their job well.

If you need to work on this - go above and beyond with what's given to you and develop an attitude of excellence. Even if you think you fall into this category, One of my team leaders fell into the position as there was no one else and he really needed to do his job better. But after some coaching he turned it around and became an excellent team leader. Sometimes a turnaround is more beneficial in this area than being constantly good.

4. Work well with others - if you can't work well in a team then you will always fall short of what you want. I understand this one greatly as I always hated having to work in a team in college as it made life difficult but its a leadership behavior you must learn. Don't be that guy or girl who no one wants to work with. Have great teamwork leadership behavior which make you valuable in a team.

If you need to work on this then you've got a steep hill to climb. Being likeable and good at your job is vital to this but you might need to sit down with some close friends and ask the tough questions of why people may not work with you well. Listen to them, bite the bullet and decide to make a positive step forward.

5. Be Organised - Finally be organised. This is a very common problem in a post-modern society where people are very relaxed. Be someone who doesn't forget or loose things very often. You don't want to be super organised and someone who just picks at every little thing and ask every possible question available but be pleasantly organised. What I mean by this is - don't bug your leaders all the time but do what is required and do it well. This is a great leadership behavior to be strong in as disorganisation is a big 'F' when it comes to excelling in any organisation.

If you need to work on this - just try and acknowledge your weakness here and find our how organised your leader wants you to be and fulfill the requirements. This is an important one to move forward into future leadership positions as good organisation will help you not drop the ball.Being organised will help your leadership behavior greatly and looking at all the personal leadership categories will develop this.

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