Leader Definition: The Cultural Architect

True leader definition is focused around the qualities and quantity of a leader, however often deeper more natural leadership influence is over-looked. I truly believe that leaders are not born but made, however there are natural qualities which are part of some leaders and not others.

A cultural architect holds the ideology that the best leaders are so influential and knowledgeable that they can see the big picture and intrinsically push for change. I have known several people who have used this ability, but I must stress that it is not common. We can all be cultural architects of our own lives and families, but very few influence their greater culture, business or organization.

In the rest of this article we'll look at the qualitative evidence of cultural architects and what defines these people.

The Leader Definition of Cultural Architects

The defining aspects of these leaders has a three fold application. Firstly they use their creative minds to know what exactly surrounds the causes for cultures being the way they are. This is vital as the thinking part of the process usually takes the longest amount of time and honestly skill - yes skill! Being able to think around a culture is a real gift as it's complexity and diversity are vast.

The middle process is also circumstantial to the leader, but creating a vision or dream for change is necessary to create any sort of change. Here is where we realize the leader definition is vital for the individual to gain some sort of contention for transformation.

The end part of the process (that doesn't guarantee success) is total engagement and purpose. These two aspects are choices of the transformational leader but their effectiveness is directly related to the first two foundations of this process.

Leading Cultural Architect

This is the theory behind the cultural architect is only viable when practical elements are outworked IN the culture. The following are a brief survey of how to practically create change.

  • Be an outsider, with an insiders influence amongst leadership. Often it takes an outsider to see how to get leadership out of their old ways and into transformational leadership. The cultural architect needs to be known and trusted by the cultural leadership to have the foundation necessary to affect change. 
  • Communicate in a way that opens minds to a different way. Often this can be public speaking or just group working with business people or organizations in a way that opens minds from past ideals. Being able to plant a seed of against-the-grain thinking is the first step to cultural change.
  • Show your commitment over time and make the tough choices. Any leadership coach or consultant will tell you that change in culture takes a good amount of time. When you're the force against normative behavior then challenges will face you on a regular basis. For true cultural change you must stick fervently to the ideology of change and development through your reactions. Know what you're trying to achieve and don't give in to the difficulties and questions of your vision.

To help you along on this process then further perspective will be needed in leader definition to gain a good knowledge base of good leading. If you've been inspired or have a goo story to tell about being a cultural architect we'd love to hear about it through our guest blog. Often your experiences can teach others how to go about leading and furthermore 'passing it on' is an ideal of leadershiplime.com!

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