John C Maxwell: The Leader of Leaders

John C Maxwell is a real legend in the leadership world. Not only for the leadership and character that he exhibits but also his prolific resources that he provides for other leaders to learn from. I've had the pleasure of reading a number of his books and have also heard him speak a few times in Sydney and I can attest to his real leadership genius.

Have a quick look at the video below which shows a 'minute with Maxwell' and gives you a little taste of this famous leader.

John C Maxwell: The Leader Profile

  • He has authored several very well known leadership books including 'the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership' and a multitude of other leadership resources. He helps to resource leaders across the globe with his books and DVD's, hundreds of thousands of people have been impacted by his theories and knowledge.
  • He's a leadership consultant and coach who works with top businesses around the world for staff development and learning new practices for management. He does talks and motivational speaking with some of the top NFL teams in the states and many other sporting teams across the world.
  • He's a preacher who talks in Churches across the world also. Involved in Christian Ministry, Maxwell conveys the application of leadership throughout the Christian world and trains many Ministers and leaders within the Church.

The Take-Away Leadership Principles

If you've ever read a Maxwell leadership book then you've gotten a taste of some of his story and life, but what can we learn as leaders from his legacy?

  • He's on the level of leadership where he teaches other's who i'd say are great leaders. Therefore, the principles he teaches are accepted across the board and the leadership revelations will carry on through others leadership.
  • He's written many well read books which will continue on his legacy and ideas in the years to come. Due to the prolific nature of his work and books the investment he's made in the leadership world will bring great momentum to his legacy.
  • He is absolutely passionate about people leading well and that's what fuels his life and career to build better leadership resources. If you're a leader then whatever you're doing with your leadership skills should be fueled by your own passion to succeed and do better than anyone else.

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