Integrity and Honour: Leadership Trait

Integrity and honour are essential leadership traits which ideally should have been ingrained in you through your childhood. However if this is not the case or if you feel like you can work on these then we have some great tips for you.

Honesty display honesty and sincerity to allow those around you to trust the person you are and what you have to say. Honesty and being 'real' helps people to know you are not trying to be perfect but you're just being "you". When people see this they will be more willing to follow you and trust you with their leadership life.

No hidden agendas Let me tell you a secret - team members can tell when you have a hidden agenda. It's a serious character flaw. Now this doesn't include goals or good intentions but when it comes to an individual they will have no grace if you tread all over them to succeed.

Helpful pride We portray it as 'helpful' as often pride can be very 'unhelpful'. The pride you want is just a lifestyle of taking pride in what you do. It shows you come from a great background and were taught great ideals and honourable intentions. Radiate this pride to others and take pride in what you do. This can be difficult sometimes but let every message that you're advertising about yourself say something excellent about you.

Trustworthy Be someone who exudes integrity by being someone people take into their confident. Listen, and give great advice to people. Highlight yourself (passively) by being someone who people can trust with important tasks. If people see any of the above values then they will not trust you with the really important tasks or having the very best positions.

Emotional Maturity Emotional maturity is an interesting leadership value to integrate into this section but we believe is necessary. We will go further into emotional maturity in other sections, but focusing primarily on how it affects this subject. If you're emotionally mature you'll show an important leadership trait of emotional balance. If you're emotionally immature then people wont be able to trust you or atleast not trust you to a point. If you struggle with emotional maturity then I would strongly suggest finding help through either a counsellor or someone who can help you cope a lot better - its worth it.

Integrity and Honour: Leadership Development Plan

Our leadership development plan for integrity and honour is somewhat difficult. This leadership trait is something which is often instilled within your development into an adult. But that is definitely not the end of the story!

Read the above definitions and realise that these leadership qualities actually help people trust you. This is no small thing - trust is paramount. If you falter a little under pressure in any of these circumstances then strengthen them by noticing your reactions and choosing to respond maturely and fairly.

Be someone who is Known for integrity and being honourable.

Here are a few tips on how to be integrous.

1. Don't gossip about people - choose to rise above as if people listen to you talking negatively about someone else then they'll assume you'll do it about them also.

2. Don't loose control of your emotions - this may seem arbitrary but how many times have you noticed leaders getting angry or severely offended and defensive? I'm not suggesting to bottle up emotion or negate it but have control over it don't let it control you. If you feel like this is hard then find a friend to keep you accountable to give you support to cope better. Your team will appreciate this.

3. Be wise - We believe this is vital for integrity which many may disagree with but wisdom sells what honour values. Make good decisions in your own life. This can start now by investing in yourself and developing your honour and integrity. Don't make crazy decisions too often or you'll alienate any team you're on as people will think you're a little too mad. Follow that moral voice in your head!

4. Develop, grow, strengthen and learn - Four great words for anything in our leadership hub of but detrimental to develop integrity. Build some great resources into your bookshelf, computer - smartphone or Ipad. Read through the rest of this site (of course) and of course if you know someone in your life who exhibits these qualities then ask them for a coffee, pick their mind about the topic and just catch what they have to say.

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