How is personal development related with leadership?

by Jaya
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

When I identify my weaknesses and focus on developing these into strengths how I can see results in my leadership? Do you have any examples or tools I can use?

That's a great question! To the first half of your question I think there are three main ways to see these results:

1. You'll start seeing the results by the people around you developing further and achieving their tasks a lot easier and quicker than before. This will be due to you being a more holistic leader and thereby influencing people more completely. Consequently your communication to them will be better.

2. You'll start to see more success in areas to which previously you struggled. You'll produce more fruit for your labors and it'll probably be a surprise at first - you should definitely notice this one!

3. If you have strong, secure leadership above you they will acknowledge your growth and feel like you're able to progress into something more challenging. You may not want this but good leaders identify and commend those who turn their weaknesses around into strengths - this is a tremendous leadership characteristic.

To the second point of your question - we have a lot of content In our Personal leadership section which may help you. As well our Team leadership page will be updated regularly on how to develop theme based leadership qualities. These will help you strengthen certain areas but we are also looking at some tools to develop to tackle this area so keep checking back!

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