Follow to Lead - Don Mercer

'Follow to Lead' is basically a leadership book which stands out from others I've read. It is simple and yet profound to the topics it covers and it's writing style.

From my correspondence with Don Mercer, I can tell you that his heart about this book is that it would go further and help more people through whichever means are possible. Don is a generous author and expert in this field with his vast experience, along with his passion and heart for this project coming together to really publish something special.

We'll go a little deeper into the books content and purpose below, but after reading about it - if you'd like to purchase this book you can use the Amazon links below for your suited reading style.

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What will you get from this leadership book?

Often when we look for great leadership books, we're looking for something specific or a point of view which is unique. In the website business we call this the websites 'voice' which depicts the way in which content is written and what content is provided. Here we'll outline some of the particular things which stood out to us about follow to lead.

  • Simplistic and Practical - Don's book isn't a long novel or an ethereal book which only makes sense in theory. He provides very direct content, practical questions and a very engaging writing style to make it an easy but empowering book to read.
  • Honest wisdom and experience - Don Mercer has a great amount of experience in many different leadership fields and he writes with the wisdom of someone with experience, but not the arrogance or bitterness of someone who has an agenda or axe to grind. This is refreshing and helpful to the reader. As a relatively 'young' leader I always look out for people with a lot of wisdom to learn from and this book exhibits all the things I'd look for.
  • Training to take a group through - One of the primary reasons that Don wrote this book was to help groups of people go through its training together. He even encouraged me to take people through it and if the circumstance arose I would definitely take a group through it's content and valuable knowledge. This is a perfect book to go through with your team, business or organization.
  • It shares a lot of ideals similar to us! - This is a little bit of a cheeky one, but Don actually contacted me after connecting with me on Linkedin and reading through some of our content. He thought we shared a lot of the same ideology and leadership principles. He wasn't wrong - but if you like our take on leadership then we believe you'll enjoy his book too (and we don't usually recommend other leaders works!)

We hope you've enjoyed this review and representation of follow to lead by Don Mercer. Note: the link to his website and the books site will only work on a desktop or laptop and not on Smartphones.

Follow to lead is a brilliant book that we think will benefit many.

If you've read this book and have your own ideas about it's contents, we'd love to hear in the commenting box below. Having different leaders recommendations is always a positive thing.

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