Finding the Best Coach

Finding the best coach for you is a tricky thing, without looking through educated eyes you will often struggle to identify the best individual. Let me start by specifying that i'm not primarily talking about life coaching here but rather coaching in a general sense. I know that i've counted 'coaching' in other pages as primarily the discipline of life coaching but this profession has birthed out of a general sense of coaching. Not all coaches need to have qualifications or accreditation's, especially in an informal sense.

To further define what a coach is, let me say use this definition;

"A coach is someone who wants to learn alongside you, has some knowledge in what coaching is but might be on a similar level to the coachee. A mentoring relationship is generally someone more experienced and knowledgeable about your particular position, who can download their wisdom for your use. A coach may not have a lot of knowledge about your position but will help you in a more relational and directive sense."

There are several qualities of a great coach, which we will explore, but a coach needs certain skills which are more particular than a mentoring relationship. Whether you're learning how to coach or you're looking for a coach follow the steps below to learn and identify the best coach for you.

How to find a GREAT Coach!

I've seen people flock to certain individuals who they think would make for a great coach. Sometimes people just stand out as people who possess a lot of the necessary qualities but, some people seem great but really aren't the best kind of people for this role. So, how do we make a judgement on who might fulfill the role of a coach in our lives? It's not simple and I can't give you an exact recipe for the best person for you, but I can reveal some of the best characteristics of excellent coaches.

  • They must possess vast patience to help you through challenges and work with you. It may come as a shock but no one is easy to work with in a coaching relationship and without the ability to have patience your coaching will not arrive at its desired point.
  • A coach must be far more positive than negative. Who wants a coach who will be all doom and gloom? That's the best way to be coached into an early grave for us all. Finding the best coach for you means finding someone who will always be positive for you in hard situations. Positivity breathes breakthrough.
  • You need someone who is clear in their communication and direction. A great coach knows how to speak to you and how to bring direction to your problems. I've walked away previously from coaching sessions thinking 'What were they even saying?' and that's not helpful for anyone.
  • You need someone who networks well amongst people. This may seem a little off-beat but s great coach is able to network among people and bring a sense of socialness to any occasion. A networking coach will help you when it comes to people and developing your inner-coach.
  • Finding the best coach is definately finding someone who resources brilliantly. As previously stated the coaching relationship isn't from someone experienced in a job downloading their knowledge on a junior, but rather someone who may not know much about your job. This doesn't stop them from resourcing you well in your current position, a great coach will learn and find ways to help you be resourced whether it be in your business or organization.
  • You need someone who is assertive but not aggressive. These are two different things but often but molded into one through the inability to distinguish people who are assertive and those who are both assertive and aggressive. You need someone who will cut through all the fluff and assert their coaching skills on you but not someone who does this in an aggressive way or passive aggressive way.
  • Determination is an evident characteristic of this particular leader. They go after the results you want and wont get discouraged along the way to help you get the success and results that you're desiring.
  • You want somebody who is interested in people and more importantly loves people enough to help them through this process. You need a people-person, but some dark mysterious figure in a trench-coat.
  • They will be there to the point of finishing the task. Finding the best coach means identifying someone who wont start with you and give up or move on but will stay the course and end well. Finding the best coach means identifying someone who starts the task and see's it through to it's completion.
  • This is a three-in-one attribute which is advantageous (but totally worthwhile) for a great coach. They should be aware, attentive and retentive of all that's going on with your coaching relationship. If they lack these three qualities I always think that it shows a lack of interest and commitment in you.

This is the way to identify the best kind of coach for you, whether it be in a professional sense or someone in your own circles. Return to our coaching and mentoring hub to find out more about finding the best coach.

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