Leaders should have Entrepreneurial Qualities

Why Entrepreneurial Qualities, you may ask? If I am a leader, then it means I am a take-charge person, capable of good communication and getting people to do what I want them to do. 

That may be true. But how are you doing it? Are you relying on your title and authority? Your experience? There is more to leading than getting the job at hand done – leaders also look to the future, communicate their vision, and motivate others to do the same. That’s why great leaders have the same entrepreneurial qualities of business leaders all over the globe that have built successful companies.

Fundamental Entrepreneurial Qualities for Leaders

The following are a list of qualities that we believe are absolutely vital for modern leaders to adapt to. If you have any others which might fit well in this entrepreneurial mindset then please use the commenting feature at the bottom of the page - we'd love to hear from you!

Competitive Spirit. Entrepreneurs see a need for something – a product or a service – and devise a way to fill that gap. They are confident in their idea and their ability to obtain their goals.  They believe they can do the job better or make a better product and are relentless in their pursuit. Leaders do the same by seeing problems and coming up with solutions. Good leaders ask their teams for their ideas and recognize those that contribute good ones. No one person has all the right answers.

Disciplined Approach. Entrepreneurs are focused on their outcomes. They eliminate distractions, get rid of non-value added actions and strategize how to get to the next milestone, the next mountaintop. They are persistent. Leaders do the same by keeping their team focused on the goal. It can be the next step in a layered plan to an ultimate goal, or as simple as making sure a daily form gets done. Whatever it is, leaders need to stay on target and keep their team on target as well.

Entrepreneurial Qualities for Leaders

Creative Opportunity. Entrepreneurs can connect the dots between what seems to be otherwise unrelated products or concepts. They see beyond what is in front of them and look to see what could be. They make something out of nothing because they are dissatisfied. Dissatisfied with what they have now, and what others do not have that they can create. Leaders see those same gaps, and work to improve efficiencies or come up with better workflows.

Keep an Open Mind. One of the best entrepreneurial qualities a leader should have is to see everything as an opportunity. Entrepreneurs look at each defeat as a new chance to succeed. They are not completely derailed by setbacks or mistakes. They accept feedback as a way to improve, they are flexible to adapt to changing ideas, markets and strategies, and look to be more efficient and productive. For leaders and entrepreneurs alike, they need to have a vision on how things should be, with no limitations, and strive to make it so.

People People. One person alone is not as successful as a team of people all focused on the same vision, the same outcome, the same goal. An entrepreneur needs to get people to buy in on their idea, product, service or vision. Leaders do the same by motivating their employees to want what they want, not just because they are told to want it. Motivating others requires getting people on board with good communication skills. That includes listening. When individuals feel their contributions are heard, included in the overall plan, and matter, they buy in easier and work harder. Leaders with people skills coach others to succeed, support them one-on-one and put the team ahead of themselves.

Start On Their Own. The very definition of “entrepreneur” includes self-starter. Entrepreneurs need to believe in themselves when no one else will, and take the first steps without someone pushing them to do so. They have the confidence that they can succeed, and always have work on their mind, whether they are in the workplace or not. No one makes them do what they are doing – they push themselves. Good team leaders enable the individual team members to do the same, giving them the tools and seeing what they can do with them. Leaders that empower employees to make decisions, take chances and recognize successful ventures create more leaders with entrepreneurial qualities.

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