Entrepreneurial Mindsets

Entrepreneurial mindsets are directly linked with modern leadership and innovation. These three topics are so connected that it would be a tragedy to not provide resources and information to help develop these important skills. They primarily effect small businesses and business people but an entrepreneurial ideology can be of benefit to almost all leaders.

I've been around many entrepreneur types in my life and they are quite similar in personality and demeanor, not in a negative sense but they have strong depth of character and great ideals which drive the creativity and innovation of the entrepreneurial mindset. Often I find myself in conversation with leaders on whether this ideal is beneficial for leading large businesses or organizations and despite many believing to the contrary, I've found that people who find the greatest success in their endeavors employ this strategy.

There are particular values which define these individuals and although the entrepreneur primarily outworks themselves in the business world, i've also seen these people in NGO's and larger not-for-profit organizations flourish with new ideas and better ways of doing things. Indeed even in Universities and the education sector this particular quality is sought after as it enables a new kind of leading.

Entrepreneurial Articles

Entrepreneurial Qualities for Leaders

Moving into the future, leaders will recognize that the principles and abilities of entrepreneurial leadership are the key to excel forward. In this article we outline the possibilities and qualities that should be adapted now to help you succeed as a leader.

How do we Define Entrepreneurship?

This article gives an expert opinion on how we can give a good definition of what entrepreneurship really is. Often when we move to far away from the basics, entrepreneurs and leaders need to move back to the foundations to get new inspiration and strength. Continue reading our article for more gold on definition.

Person Perception in Entrepreneurship and Leadership

As an entrepreneur you have to have great person perception to really network and work well with people. You also have to know how others are perceiving you to really see success. In this article we explore some of the main areas of contention.

Using Social Entrepreneurship

There is something galant in the worldview of a social entrepreneur who wants to make the world a better place. In this article we explore the nature of the social entrepreneur and techniques on how to adapt this particular gifting. Being a social entrepreneur is a worthwhile pursuit for anyone with a entrepreneurial mindset.

Which qualities identify with an entrepreneurial mindset?

Entrepreneurial Mind

Eclectic Ability

The entrepreneur doesn't have to be brilliantly talented at everything, but they choose to learn new abilities and have a broad spectrum of learnt skills. The innate nature of this individual and mindset is that it engages and is interested in many different vocations. They are never limited by one type of job, they are not boring mindless office workers and definitely not put off by others telling them they can't do something.

An eclectic ability makes the entrepreneur mindset diverse and these people love to consume new knowledge from others. Often they are really great conversationalists as they are legitimately interested in learning new ability from others experiences.

Innovative Thinking

This is very often actualized with entrepreneurial thinking as they have often been related as two similar subjects. If you're interested in these two subjects then I would strongly recommend reading Peter F. Druckers Innovation and Entrepreneurship as it brings a lot of excellent thinking together.

When people think innovatively they engage a world in a way that hasn't been thought of before. It's a dangerous thing as innovation isn't always met with acceptance and praise, but for the entrepreneur it is the lens glass that they see the world through. For more information on innovation they check out our creative innovation center.


This is my own little vice that I wanted to add to the conversation over the mindset of an entrepreneur, it may seem odd but often these people persevere through all the hardships and difficulties and due to this perseverance they come out on top (eventually). Many innovative entrepreneurs will fail at the first step and give up without engaging truly in this creative world.

The will and ambition to keep going strong is what drives these people and mindset as they know that eventually they will find the great business idea or the 'next new thing' and find purpose through this process again. If you're unwilling to fail a few times then you haven't properly accepted this lifestyle correctly.

We will be building new resources into this section in the coming months but if you'd like to know more about the entrepreneurial mindset then read through our innovation center.

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