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I realised whilst walking to a bus stop last week that to define leadership means more than grouping in levels of influencing or brackets of qualities but something more. Some of the greatest leaders of all time have been people who didn't necessarily exhibit strong ethical boundaries or were 'good' people.

Leadership Definition

So what if anything defines great leaders?

While I was walking to the bus stop a young lady got up to signal a bus driver but this was no ordinary bus-hailing. The men around her moved away and with a stern look in her eyes she pointed a single finger out towards the bus to signal the driver. There was no swinging of the hand frantically to persuade the bus driver to pull over or a frantic upheaval of bags, jackets and other female related objects. She didn't act flustered or sporadic but kept calm and with complete authority pointed her finger to achieve her goal. I even stopped and gave her space to walk out onto the path as I walked by.

So do strength and authority define leadership?

John Maxwell once said that leadership was simply influence, nothing more and nothing less. This is probably the most accepted definition of leadership as its broad but also when everything is pulled back leaders are those who can influence others. However as leaders we must be aware of this definition and further application to what influence doesas its an active element to be explored.

Influential leadership:

> influences people to move in a certain direction.
> Helps to shape the identity of the people being influenced.
> Makes people want to be around you.
> Makes people want to be lead by you.
> Helps to breathe qualities into team members.
> Challenges people to grow into the potential they deserve.

This of course is not comprehensive but a start to how we can define what a leader is. We will be adding to this and developing the ideas of what leadership is with a special emphasis on leadership characteristics.

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