Decision Making Leaders

Decision making leaders are people who have strength to lead and a will to find the right answer. They can be slightly threatening as they usually have an answer to most questions, want to keep the momentum going and don't want to procrastinate or debate to a long extent. People will look to and follow these leaders as they are people who are moving and leading with vision to move a team from one place to the desired outcome. These people are strategic in their actions to incorporate lots of information into a thoughtful decision.

Leaders who fire out commands and jump to hasty conclusions aren't really exhibiting this leadership trait very well. We're trying to unpack a leadership trait which measures all parameters and makes direct decisions on what the best way forward is. This doesn't discount what team members suggest or make blind decisions but someone who listens to everything and makes wise decisions based on the information provided.

Leadership Development: Decision Making Leaders

How does this all sound to you so far? Often we find that people who are prone to being a decision making leaders are excited by this concept but people who are more 'thinkers' in their personality decide that its rather ambiguous and hasty to imagine a world where they make decisive decisions. Either way you're here, and you're reading this now out of some sort of interest. Follow the points below and decide for yourself if its something you should adapt into your own leadership development.

  • Be quick but never hasty in your decision making as this will help you find the medium between slow and ultra-fast. It's really a bit of an art as you need to find this position and skill but whos to say whats quick but not hasty? Only you will really be able to tell, and those around you of course.
  • Be thoughtful but not obsessed in your decision making as this will unlock new avenues for you and your team. You have a very well put together mind inside your head which is willing and usually able to help you analyse decision making situations. Use in and engage with the parameters to make an educated choice. Usually an educated decision will be the most accurate in hindsight.
  • Be committed but not rigid while making decisions and enforcing their consequence. When you make a decision stick by it and have confidence in what you've decided but don't blindly hold to it as the absolute truth which can never change. If you keep changing your mind then people will loose interest in you as a decision making leader, but if you're so sold out to your decision that you wont change or accept compromise then people will brand you as arrogant and rigid.
  • Be strategic but no over-analytical in your leadership theory approaching this topic of decisiveness. Use your innovation and education to build a solid framework of strategy which is almost like a logic computer when information comes in you can decipher its value and decide what stays and what goes. Don't over-alalyse and loose everyone in the process - often deep thinkers and analysers are looked up to as gods and sometimes its needed but someone who does this all the time slows down all the processes and schedules to match their slowness.

When all is said and done - use your mind and adapt where appropriate. Here are Leadership Lime we're excited to engage with all sorts of leadership styles and people as no one fits a certain mold. Although we display and encourage certain information and praxis we know that people wont follow everything as we're all different - THATS OK!

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