Creative Innovation

We're really excited for this section on creative innovation as it opens a new aspect of leadership and helps us to delve deeper into our niche. Innovation is creative in nature but the best innovators come up with thoughts and ideas which bypass the mundane nature of coming up with a new 'idea'. Creative innovation is having a new perspective, a new view on something that others have spent a long time looking at and coming up with a new intention for that thing to build resource.

I remember as a child being marched into our back garden (which was rather large) and being told to weed like my life depended on it. I looked into our garden and although I could identify some 'weeds' I had to ask which ones were designated weeds to get rid of. I was told that a weed was anything that wasn't meant to be there, which is probably the best definition of what a weed really is. It's not certain types of plants which are grouped as weeds but instead something that we have no purpose for.

There was a weed once in Ethiopia which many took no note of. A shepherd noticed his flock chewing on some bushes and later on they were frantic and running around. Hereby discovering the power of the coffee bean. Shepherds and farmers started boiling these fruit to release the beans and drink they as a soup. As the desire for these beans grew - they are now, I believe, the second biggest traded substance in the world.

This is a wonderful example of creative innovation!

Creative Innovation

Definition of Creative Innovation

I love the way in which Peter F Drucker describes this...

"It is the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth. Innovation, indeed, creates a resource."

Wealth in this instance could mean any kind of value when it comes to innovation. Drucker is referring to Entrepreneurs and there interest in this subject due to the innovation of business/management ideas for achieving new ground.

  • Innovation creates ideas for new ventures and pathways to follow to achieve goals. Most don't recognise this ability but forward thinking coupled with innovation will take your business or team to a new level. Create new ideas! create, create and create some more to find better ways and praxis.
  • Innovation isn't limited to high business as some may think as it encompasses all spheres of life and leadership. I've seen charitable organizations adapt creative innovation to find a new way to reach people. A great example of this is child sponsorship through world vision, compassion international and several others to make wealthy people in a western world feel like they're actually sponsoring a life. This has been immensely successful - my wife and I even sponsor a child in Rwanda and its an incredibly rewarding process.
  • Innovation can be social as well as economic in its ability to have power. Social innovation has various applications but it focuses on the people and society to innovate new ideas. Social innovation is very exciting as it opens the doors for new thought in culture and social engagement. This is one to definately be explored for creative leadership.

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Your Innovation Articles

In this page we'd love to hear your stories about innovative success or even failures. Every leader knows that new ideas and methodology can be the key to success or the start of failure. Here is a great place to share your story and help to inspire and help others.

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We'll be updating this section relatively soon to bring in new content and ideas. This is an area that i'm very passionate about and have done a lot of reading about also.

Creative innovation is mandatory for team leaders so click here and have a look at our team leadership section in the meantime.

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