Christian Leadership

Christian Leadership is evolving and adapting quicker than most big organizations and businesses, why is this? We will look into some intrinsic qualities of leadership here to reveal the sometimes forgotten side of Leadership behind Churches.

This section will cover a spiritual side of leadership which is not necessarily explored elsewhere on leadership lime. It will focus primarily on the role of leadership within the practices of Christian living and how influential Christian leadership and Churches around the world are.

At this stage you may be wondering why we're focusing on Christian Leadership right here. Try to stay objective as the Christians have something really right going on at the moment when it comes to leadership. Remove the thought of religion away from that of Churches and what are you left with? Some large organizations with a very effective and dynamic use of leadership to lead vast numbers of people. The necessity of Christian leadership is found in the the fact that people are coming and they need to be lead, therefore Church leaders have had to learn the hard way on how to lead. This has possibly been the best place for innovative leadership across any leadership or management training ground.

There are some hugely influential Christians and Churches out there who have tremendous influence over people. Is this not the very definition of leadership?

I've been a committed Christian most of my life and currently living in Sydney Australia I attend Hillsong Church. Hillsong is a phenomenon in Australia as the biggest church in this nation, it has huge influence over an approximate 30,000 congregation and further. I've been involved with the running of the Church for about 6 years and can attest to the strength and depth of leadership that this Church possesses.

Hillsong Boasts a great deal of assets and humanitarian work in Australia and further abroad sponsoring and being involved in building schools for disadvantaged children in Africa, rescuing children from the streets of Mumbai and even pioneering work into stopping the worlds people traffickers. These are great accolades for any not-for-profit organization but what I want to focus on is the leadership side of a Church and a Christians life.

What are some leadership systems involved in Spiritual Leadership?

The truth is that a lot of Churches have been forced to grow excellent leadership systems to build strong and healthy people. There have always been people in Churches and therefore always a need to lead them. Lets have a look at some of the systems involved;

  • The focus is on the individual and their willingness to make leadership decisions for their own life. Churches provide resource and ministries to help develop this self-leadership but ultimately its known that the individual has to put in the work to live a successful Christian life. Their own dedication, discipline and routines help or break them.
  • The large gatherings open a platform for the 'senior' leadership to help encourage and communicate vision for Christians lives. Although this happens in most Churches on a Sunday, more modern and developing Churches actually have leadership meetings regularly to teach and train individuals how to lead and what is expected.
  • The large gatherings are broken down into smaller community's consisting of smaller groups of people meeting weekly or fortnightly. This allows for greater connection with a leader of this group being responsibly (in part) for the lives of their group, helping them to keep developing in their own faith and leadership.
  • Christian leadership is adapting to modern trends and generations. Large Churches in the western world have completely changed from dark buildings and the threat of going to hell. They are now in modern buildings with modern music and finding new ways of communication and bringing on board qualities admired by the modern generation without relinquishing the message of Jesus.
  • They've made a message of Christian belief actually applicable to the 21st century community. A Pastor from the states Rick Warren wrote a book called the Purpose Driven Life which was basically what a purposeful Christian life should look like. It stayed on the New York Times Best-Seller list for one of the longest times ever, selling multiple millions of copies. Showing that people are actually still interested in Christian leadership and life.

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We're going to expand on this start to Spiritual Leadership but in the mean-time why not see how Christian leadership relates to leadership innovation?

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