Charismatic Leadership

Charismatic leadership is one of the most cutting edge and modern approaches to all forms of progressive leadership. This style is one of my favorites and often I will adhere to the values it enforces. I'm still against being completely one leadership style rather than eclectically using many for different occasions and purposes. However, this is one of the most exciting and innovative way of leading people due to the focus on creativity and charisma. Although this may sound like a purely extroverted leadership style it can be adapted to introverts also as they can assimilate the values but apply them slightly differently.

There are certain reservations about the focus on one single leader to bring the energy and positivity but this is usually adapted by new and young leaders. The single person in charge should be aware of their influence in these situations and try to spread the load across several leaders to bring stability. This alteration with charismatic leadership would ensure strength among the team and make their legacy live on through the future leaders that are trained.

Defining Attributes of Charismatic Leadership

As this is one of my top leadership theories i'll try to be as objective as possible in our analysis. The defining attributes of charismatic leadership are many but we will focus on the most vital to give a clear picture of what this leadership style is and how it works.

  • Charisma is used with great effect by these leaders. They find the strength inside their personalities to bring excitement and confidence to those that are under this leadership. This charisma is transforming and makes team members realize they can achieve more and be more than they previously thought due to the belief that this leader radiates.
  • Positivity and energy are two defining aspects of these leaders. The sudden rise in use of this theory could come from the characteristics being associated with a post modern generation. Post modernism is attracted by extreme positivity and energy and is disgusted by negativity and lethargy. These leaders fill a culture full of these two strong traits to bring people into their teams and see them move forward.
  • Narratives are used by these leaders to lead and communicate with their organizations and businesses. Research has shown that charismatic messages from these leaders are full of story's and narrations to communicate values and messages. Whether its through newsletters, e-mails or staff meetings these leaders use story's to such great effect that people learn quicker and are more taken with the vision of this leadership.
  • Transformation occurs with the enforcement of these values above in most organizations. The values that give strength to these leaders are extraordinary and cause waves and rifts within traditional frameworks of leadership. People 'see the light' and get on board with this style a lot quicker due to its positive message and belief in the leader.

This leadership theory brings together modern cultural values with strong leadership traits to cause a culture bursting with innovation and creativity through the transformation of the mundane. Caution has to be given when appointing these leaders however as when they leave often teams and vision fall apart and it can cause some issues.

Charismatic leadership is one of the most exciting leadership theories - click here to explore many more.

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