Characteristic of Leadership: Environmental Control

When we talk about this characteristic of leadership, we don't mean environmental control like the environment outside, but rather the characteristic of controlling your own leadership environment.

It is important in all circumstances to be aware of the environment you're creating around a team, workplace or any other field of influence you may have. This is a very advanced leadership ability but one that should be worked on and developed in our lives.

The benefits of this characteristic of Leadership

  • Better understanding of social constructs and team dynamics.
  • Knowing your team better will help you get the best out of them.
  • Creating a positive and beneficial environment will produce results.
  • Changing a team environment can create strong momentum.
Characteristic of Leadership

How to develop environmental control

Above you'll see the core values which define an environment, but lets delve a little deeper and see what we can do to define environmental change.

  • A product of the environment - Your team, workforce or whoever you influence will start to change and mold to the ideals which are formed deliberately or not in your environment. If you haven't thought of this already then look at your particular environment, even ask some people in that environment, and get a good picture of what already exists to see whether it needs changing.
  • Your created boundaries - For instance if you've come down on people when they have 'too much fun' then people will know the level of 'fun' which can be had in your team. This is a boundary and even if you think you haven't created boundaries, there will be some which exist. I can't tell you which boundaries to put in place but they will define the environment more than most things. Create healthy boundaries that reinforce your vision, direction and purpose.
  • Identify peoples qualities - There will be some huge personalities in your team which will need to be carefully managed. They can often alter an environment quite easily and will need to either be bought on side (into your vision) or corrected when they try to change something you don't want. On the other side of that, people who exhibit really particular qualities you value, make sure they are promoted and verbally approved of.
  • Promote the vision - If you're a leader then I truly hope that you have a particular vision as to where to want this group of people to move into. The vision you have should be thoroughly worked out before you communicate it, but when you do be specific and applicable to the people you influence. Vision is so important that it must be weaved into all your meetings, communication and direction.

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