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Leadership is a fast and growing area of everyday life. It is absolutely fundamental to everyday life and we are passionate about providing people with the needed information to lead better.

The internet is also a fast growing area where people in their millions are coming to find information, training and development. We are finding that people are thirsty for information and seeking it out in great multitudes.

The great thing about Leadership is that it reaches out to a large crowd of people and You could be putting your product, service or business in front of their eyes.

Why Advertise with

Growing Audience and Exposure

We're been fortunate to see an average 20-40% rise in traffic each month which has given us a great deal of momentum towards reaching people about Leadership. The reputation of has been spreading across the internet with a great deal of engagement, especially across social media. We have a policy about honest and good practices with SEO which has given us good ranking with search engines for a diverse array of keywords.

This boost and growth in traffic sources has meant that we are predicting an even greater impact in 2013.

Leadership as a broad niche

Thankfully Leadership reaches a vast and diverse customer base as it has impact on everything including business, organizations and team leading of any sort. We are even reaching further out to innovation, management and religion in our site to show how it's all connected and working together. All of these areas are picked up by the search engines as well, which brings in some very motivated and key consumers.

We welcome all enquiries from different businesses as our quality visitors come from a varied background and probably are looking for what you have to offer.

Fair and Targeted Advertising Rates

We are are conscious that our sponsors and advertisers want great value for money. Often when you invest in CPC or other advertising alternatives you may get a lot of clicks but it's costly and not necessarily the best traffic for your product or brand. We encourage you to contact us directly as it cuts out the middle-man and allows you to get a better package directly from us.

Flexibility and Adaptability

We're ready to work with you to see what you need to bring our targeted traffic to your site. We don't just sell a one-size-fits-all advertising space as that doesn't really help anyone. We believe in providing a win-win-win situation with our advertisers, by that I meant its a win for our visitors as they discover great products, it's a win for us as we're providing great advertising and its most importantly a win for You! as you're getting the quality traffic.

Advertising Ideas and Options

Usually advertisers approach us with a very specific idea that they want to implement, however if you're looking for ideas on how to advertise on please have a look at the options below.

  • A Contextual Link on one or many of our pages. This can be either blatantly advertising in a link on a page or within the text of a page discretely.
  • A Graphic Banner or Image, again on one, many or most of our pages. This must be provided by the advertiser and approved by us for suitability, but it can be one of the best ways to get traffic.
  • A Dedicated webpage for your business, product review or service. This can be customized and worked out for your needs but a whole page can be worked out and then linked directly into our site.
  • Site Sponsorship is also another great option. This is a bigger commitment on both sides but can yield the best results as you get exposure on in a variety of ways. If you have a product or service to sell this could be a great way for you to get the consumers needed.

A note on possible rates...

Obviously the type of advertising package you want will make the rates very different. Some of the factors which will effect the value...

  1. The amount of traffic seeing your ad.
  2. The format and advertising option you decide on.
  3. The geographic area of placement. (Whether it's very prominent, above the fold etc)

Use the form below to contact us with any questions or queries in regards to advertising. We'd love to hear from you to negotiate possible advertising deals and arrangements to fulfill your needs.

Terms, Conditions and Boundaries

  • We are looking for valued advertisers who are wanting quality traffic and not trying to 'buy a link' to get better page rank with Google and search engines. Therefore all links to advertisers will be 'No-Follow' in the code to the link. This is an actual benefit to quality advertisers as it's in-keeping with Google procedures and means that will continue to get great traffic from the search engines.
  • We retain the right to decline or refuse advertising offers exclusively if they are not in-keeping with the ethos, practice or subject matter of this website.
  • The advertiser will provide all images, graphic artwork for ads.
  • No ads will be placed on the homepage of
  • No obnoxious or distasteful advertising which is not in-keeping with the aesthetic of

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