The Value of Accountability

We've named this page the value of Accountability as we believe that when you find the value of being answerable you'll realise the necessity of it in team leadership.

This leadership trait by definition means being answerable or liable. Every leader at one point or anything will be pulled up by their oversight or manager to answer for themselves and everything they've influenced.

So, why is this important? it's important because how you make your decisions will define how you are judged, not to mention the integrity which it either destroys or reinforces.

What are the benefits of embracing and being mindful of Accountability?

1. Reinforce Integrity - We can't stress enough how valuable integrity is and how easily it is lost. Not that you can 'loose' your integrity but the way people perceive your integrity can be lost. If you're answerable to someone or someone's then you have a good oversight who can guide you and give you great feedback on decisions you've made or situations you've handled. To read more about accountability within integrity click here.

2. Know you're making the right decisions - No leader is perfect and there is no black and white when it comes to doing the 'right thing'. By being liable for your actions and decisions means that someone can come along side you and vouch for you.

3. Being backed by someone - If you are the solo leader then people can accuse you and challenge you without any difficulty. When you have someone you're answerable to, it means there is a higher authority than yourself. This person has total access to you but will also back you and support you through any team issues.

4. Team trust - When your team knows you're answerable to someone they can give you more of their trust. Why? because they know that you're sharing your problems and issues with someone and getting feedback. Also someone else has total access to your team and what's going on so they know if a problem arises then someone else will know. This all builds trust between all the people involved.

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