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Welcome! I am so excited that you've chosen my site as a resource. My name is James Baldock and I'm the creator and editor of this site. I've spent three years in an international leadership college to attain my Advanced Diploma, soon to be followed by my Bachelors Degree in Contemporary Ministry (BCM). My passion for learning has pushed me forward into a Masters degree in Theology incorporating leadership development. Leadership and Theology are my two passions and I believe in a life of continual learning and development.

I've worked in leading and managing teams for the last seven years. My experience is diverse, I started from the lowest position right through to leading departments from being a team member to advancing to a manager, supervisor and leader. I've loved the journey and believe that leadership is absolutely fundamental to every sphere of life. I am a public speaker in Sydney Australia and in the United Kingdom.

This is a photo of a team I led for a year who ran venue operations for weekly men's events. It was one of my first appointments as a team-leader and I learnt the hard lessons of leadership. It set a fire inside of me for purposeful leadership, each and every one of these great men taught me something new about leadership. Every experience i've had has been a learning one and I've appreciated it all.

Although I've gone onto leading larger teams and departments, I believe its important to learn from the past and see where you've come from. If you look at the tall guy on the left, that was me at a young age.

Important Information: Find out more about James Baldock as a motivational speaker and coach for leadership. He is currently taking bookings for 2013-2014 and would love to hear about your needs of a speaker at an event, training session or conference.

Also, if you'd like to know about the creation of this site and it's mission and values please feel free to read through our vision for helping you as a leader.

Professional Profile for James

The following points outline James' professional interests and abilities which have gained him a strong reputation and following within this business.

  • Leadership Coaching - With every big business and organization, it all comes down to the individual. Often one person who is making decisions and creating culture within these larger entities. James is passionate about seeing development in all individuals lives, from those who run large businesses, right through to the team member fulfilling their own role. Building people is a huge part of what leadership truly is and although well known, is often skipped over within bad consequences.
  • Multilevel Leadership - There are a great deal of leadership levels and influential spheres. When you look at big business or organizations, you notice that some of these levels are forgotten or lost in the big machine of 'corporate express' James is focused on bringing strength to these different levels of leading. Through his years of experience, this has been one of the areas that James has experienced as being weak; where it should be strong.
  • Future Leadership - One of the main focuses of this site and James' career has been that of innovating forward into new leadership models and praxis. James believes that old ways of leading have some merit, but that leaders who look to the future will ultimately see greater success in their ability to change. This is often an area of study that James regularly engages in to understand, employ and deploy to leaders.

Personal Profile for James

On a slightly lighter note, the following are some of James' personal passions and interests. He enoys having an eclectic assortment of interests and investments to fully enjoy life to the fullest.

  • Tennis Prodigy - He would not define himself as a 'prodigy', in fact if he was to put himself on a scale of 1-10 in regards to ability, James may score himself under 5. However, James is passionate about playing tennis and watching as much as possible. Regularly playing at a club in Sydney, he loves the exercise, competition and feeling of a perfectly hit serve or forehand.
  • Passionate Arsenal supporter - He has supported Arsenal Football Club since the age of 7 when his friends bullied him to decide between Arsenal and Manchester United. Many years later he doesn't regret the decision in the least! He loves watching Arsenal play and often gets up in the middle of the night in Australia to catch a live game on TV.
  • Fine Artist - He studied for two years at an Art college in England where he focused on Fine Art and specifically Screen Printing. Although he doesn't have access to brilliant facilities anymore and doesn't often sell his work - James loves to pick up a paintbrush or sketch something that stands out to him.
  • Keen Website Designer - This website is 100% edited by James and although we have several other expert writers, James loves to tweak and design parts on the website sometimes neurotically. He hopes to have some free time in the future to build and pioneer some other websites along the way (when they design more than 24hrs in a day!)

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