Leadership Psychology - The Subconscious

Leadership psychology isn't a spooky or manipulative thing by definition. We can use some tools to help lead ourselves and teach others great leadership techniques. I wrote a blog a long time ago when I had great intentions to start writing about leadership, regarding the ability to utilize the subconscious part of our brains. It was a little idealistic but I think it will benefit those of you who want to expand your own ability and discipline.

Leadership comes primarily from what we train ourselves to do. The more routines and disciplines we utilize, the better we can cope in certain situations. The subconscious is something that we may not totally understand or be able to use as a tool but its something that's prominent in our everyday lives.

The Subconscious

Let me start by saying that i'm no psychologist, but there's certain things i've observed in my life that have made me think. For instance, when I have a shower I wash myself and dry myself in a particular way. I've been told this is because the repetition we go through everyday programs our subconscious to go into 'autopilot' when doing tasks which have the same process and result.

This rule of the subconscious got me thinking about how we as leaders could make this work for us. In a more complex way a large amount of leadership is similar situations and variables which come together to determine the way in which you lead. An example of this is how you respond when people talk to you. If you could program yourself somewhat to respond in a positive and productive way then it would naturally flow. Leadership psychology in this sense is productivity gold.

“The true result of endeavor, whether on a mountain or n any context, may be found in its lasting effects rather than in the few moments during which a summit is trampled by mountain boots. The real measure is the success or fall of the climber to triumph, not over a lifeless mountain, but over himself: the true value of the enterprises lies in the example to others of human motivation and human contact.” - Sir John Hunt

Activate your Subconscious!

What could be accomplished by this? a GREAT DEAL! We're not talking some sort of weird mind control here or programmed drones - we're talking consistency and innovation. Leadership psychology is something which can be used to create positive routines. Please read below for some of the great ideas and benefits to you.

  • Activate Consistency - You don't want to be all over the place in any way, shape or form! Consistency builds trust and strong foundations for you and your team. Think about how you differ in responding to situations and then work out how you want to respond and action that. Make a mental note to always respond in the way you want and do it. The more times you respond in this way the deeper the subconscious marker will be for the future.
  • Activate Leadership Psychology - Be aware that there is a psychological level to your leadership. The way in which you interpret and respond to information and scenarios will say a lot about how strong your mental state is. Don't be afraid to work on this area if you feel you are weak, but explore further the psychology of team leadership and person leadership.
  • Activate Productivity - The more you can build mental responses to situations the more productive you can be. For sure, not one situation is the same but you can build rough mental foundations and adapt how you respond to fit each need. Build your subconscious to deal with more situations and you'll find that you know the answers and actions to take without hesitation - save yourself time and energy.
  • Activate Innovation - This one obviously seems like the black sheep as we're talking about black and white systems and procedures, however the benefits extend beyond function. The more mundane situations you find yourself in that you can build a subconscious framework for, the more time you can spend innovating which is in a separate category to this. Innovate further and deeper than you previously could!

We hope this quick dip into leadership psychology has been beneficial, for more articles on leadership psychology and much more click here and return to our leadership articles hub.

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