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Leaders E-Zine, Issue #002
January 06, 2013

Everyday Leadership


... to our latest edition of the Leader's E-Zine. This E-Zine (magazine via e-mail) will focus on delivering quality content on Leadership and related topics straight to your inbox.

If you're new to our community then we'd like to personally welcome you and express how excited we are that you've decided to come on this journey with us!

Leadership is absolutely fundamental to everyday life and by developing your leadership you can find the success, drive and platform to lead the direction of your life and others lives.

January: New Year, New Leadership, new You?

The new year has new opportunities

Welcome to the new year! And a new E-Zine from 2013 has new possibilities and we want to get things moving in all of our visitors lives. What do you want to achieve in your leadership this year? We'd love to hear from you, and help as best we can to achieve your goals.

This is a great time of the year to make some solid choices for our year ahead. Your future is in your hands to sit down and decide what you can change today to see growth in your life.

We've got some great ideas in the pipeline for as we continue to help and resource leaders like yourselves. We've re-designed the homepage to give visitors some valuable links and encouragement for the new year and we're looking at innovations into what we offer on the site. We're looking at a complete redesign of our E-Zine Newsletter to be of continued help in all of your lives - stay tuned!

I currently have a poll on the site to see what kind of E-Book might be helpful to you all and if you haven't voted yet i'd really appreciate some input either on the poll or if you reply to this e-mail about what kind of resources would be helpful to you, that'd be great.

Leadership offers the opportunity to make positive change in our lives, whether it's professionally or personal changes and that's an exciting thing. There will be great new opportunity's for team leadership and organizational leadership with contemporary leadership applications moving forward.

Social media is absolutely phenomenal at the moment to stay in touch with valuable stakeholders and reaching more people with our ideas. Linkedin is becoming a great environment to make connections with professionals and really connect in a practical way to open new avenues of opportunity. If you use linkedin i'd strongly recommend joining our leadership lime group there to discuss leadership articles and ideals. Twitter is really the glue that brings all social media together and it's been a constant source of inspiration for me to connect with people and see what gold people can put in 140 characters!

Another growing innovation in leadership is placing greater value on the people you lead. A strong democratic style of leadership has seen some positive results to put the responsibility back on team members to achieve success, rather than the leader making all the decisions. My prediction for 2013 is that in all careers, organizations and businesses will need to grow leadership to a deeper level throughout the ranks. Empowering new leaders will start to take a lot of the burden and spread it across more people to find great solutions to problems and give more freedom to all.

There's a couple of thoughts for you, but what needs to change for you? It's a great question to think about in what you want to achieve this year.

New to Leadership Lime?

Your Leadership and Development are paramount to our intentions to provide you with the best resources out there. Sometimes it can be hard to navigate all the information available, we don't focus on creating mass-information but rather quality-information. With this in mind why not have a look at three of our most popular hub's of information and build some strong foundations;

1. Leadership Characteristics is a great place to start. Building your character will help later on when it comes to the more complex elements of leadership. Make great decisions today by building a solid formula in yourself.

2. Personal Leadership shouldn't be passed over as "too-basic" because if we don't get the important things down, we won't be the best version of ourselves in leadership.

3. Team Leadership is an absolute privilege and if you're a team leader this section is one to really focus on. We have a strong background in team leadership and therefore we really want to provide you with some stimulating resource.

Leadership Essentials for You

We have some really special and exciting elements to that are open for you to engage with and actually contribute yourself. This may sound a little daunting but the truth is that you personally have individual experience that no other will ever experience and we hope that you'll do us the honor of sharing with the rest of us.

1. Firstly we have on page commenting on almost all pages for you to comment on the content and even bring more clarity on the topics we've covered.

2. Our Leadership FAQ is a great place for asking leadership questions. Either you can ask any controversial-deep-complex leadership question in the form at the bottom of the page, or if you're feeling really courageous you can answer some of the questions we get by commenting on them. We've had some truly great (and hard!) questions already and we're definitely hungry for more.

3. The guest blog is a new venture we've undertaken to bring some brilliant leadership bloggers together to share quality ideas. You may think "I don't really fit in that category..." but EVERYONE has a leadership story or idea knocking around somewhere and we'd love to read and publish them!

Latest Articles for You

We're been busy writing content and developing ideas throughout The last few months have been an explosive time for us and here are a few of our latest articles for you.

1. John C Maxwell: The Leadership Genius This is a leadership biography of a leadership guru who has given us all great insight into how to lead. He does this through great books and resources but there are some great leadership ideals to be gleaned from his example.

2. The Cultural Architect Here we look at a trend of advanced leadership, which requires leaders to have more influence than before. A cultural architect influences and changes every culture they find themselves in and advances themselves through this unusual gift.

3.Personal Leadership Development Plan and Process This is a resource for you to build your own goals and development plans. I've set out a basic framework for you to customize and make some positive commitments on personal development in relation to your own leading.

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